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And it was the end, my friends. I will remain in this desolate place for some more time. I appreciate your kind words, and support. Several of you subscribed and viewed dutifully. Others just clicked on the blog when you thought I actually murdered my roommates. And most of you have never viewed this, and this whole sentiment is lost on you. Well I am through documenting my life for you. I am in Italy, dammit. Florence. A place where knights and kings stormed down on you peasants, you unloyal bastards. Unpaid taxes, treason. Sodomizing the king’s livestock, treason. Not viewing my blog dutifully, treason.


I warned you. By G-d, I warned you. But you didn’t listen. You didn’t comment. You didn’t encourage. You don’t even care what I thought of Venice. What I did in Pisa. Who got me into the VIP lounge in Florence.


So yeah. Blogs done. Don’t blame Dan. And don’t mention it to me. If you want to still be friends… skype me, motherfuckers.




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Okay, so this is a legit update. None of that murderous stuff.

Alright, so where freaking were we?! So as you know, I’m like totally Italian. Like my family totally used to own this place. So my dad wants me to stalk down my Italian cousins and shit. But no one has talked to them in like 7 years, so its mad awk. Also, I don’t speak Italian. So theres that.

Okay, so I know I’ve been joking around about my roommates. But they’re actually really cool. And they’ve pointed out… its me thats the problem. In fact, one of my roommates just said that when she has kids shes going to bring them to meet one of my other roommates to teach the kids how to be a free spirit. Then she said shed bring them to me to teach them how to get a thick skin. Since im a bitch. Uhhhhh Awk? Apparently you’re supposed to be nice to people when you first meet them and hold back snappy comments. Oops?

Okay, so Dan was all, “Do you miss America?” And I’m like, “Nah. I Miss Universe.” JK. I don’t miss America, but I miss my dog and like… people who know who I am. People there have NO idea that my apartment smells of rich mahogany. And that i’m a freakin big deal. PEOPLE KNOW ME, ITALY. I’M IMPORTANT.

UNRELATED. Last night I had a dream that I was trapped in an elevator with Bridget and I was so angry at her because she’s obvi a bitch. Bridget probably broke it. She was just making me angry about something but i would not stop yelling at her, and then I had another dream that someone was trying to kill me. But they were in my room, They like they climbed up my balcony. And I couldn’t get out of my bed for some reason. And my roommate was just watching. Its probably symbolism for how much i hate Bridget.

Oh, and I had my first test the other day on the mafia. And I totally won. That’s all about that. Kicking ass, taking names.

So, I got in like a big fight with Dan the other day over gelato. Btw, gelato may not translate directly to “ice cream gold” but it should. Its freaking awesome, and my favorite so far is hazelnut or nocciola (in Italian speak). Dan got mixes of flavors. And mango. Ew. I do not like mango. And i never get mixes. Idiot.

How did I not tell you guys about Cinque Terre? We hiked the mountains. SO MUCH FREAKIN HIKING. But the views were amazing. I went with 3 of my roommates but some of their friends came too. I know what you’re thinking… (Did I have to hire friends?) NO. JERK. So yeah, we left at 530am and got home at 9pm. We got there, hiked between all of the cities, ate some gelato, sat at the beach. Literally just did all the hikes in a row and like walked around in the towns in between. There are totally pics on my facebook.

Oh, so everyone. Make fun of Dan. In Italy, my male prof is named Daniele. And it totally sounds like Danielle. He keeps telling us why its pronounced differently. But come on. You’ve got a GIRL NAME.

AND IN QUICK SUMMARY. I was supposed to write a paper for my cooking class describimg what we ate when we went out to dinner as a class. Is it inappropriate to write that i didnt really care how the food tasted because i was already drunk off of wine? And THERE are mosquitos all over cuz its so hot we always have our windows and balconies open. And the beds here suck. they also only gave us 5 comforters for 7 girls. awk in the winter. BUT ITALY ITS AWESOME, I SWEAR.

❤ you guys.

The sun never sets on a badass.

Oh, and all you people, if we haven’t skyped recently (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), I’m pissed at you. The people on chat roulette banned me for inappropriate behavior, so I need someone to skype with like woah. JK. Or am i? 😉


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*post removed*

Something about copyright infringement.

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Went to see Michelangelo’s “David” the other day…

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Totally have fall break planned

Okay. So. You know how we get like mad rowdy for spring break in the states? Well almost nearly as cool is this thing called “Travel Week”. Everyone gets a week off and they just go everywhere. So I’m going to Paris and Barcelona. LIKE ITS NO BIG DEAL. What are you doing on YOUR fall break? Oh, thats right. You don’t get one. Enjoy Columbus Day, bitches.

I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO TELL YOU. So my like first impression with my roommates. We were talking and I brought up Amanda Knox. They didn’t know who it was so I was like, “Oh yeah, this girl was studying abroad in Italy and killed her roommate.” and AS I said that I realized it was time to go so I’m like, “Bye guys, off to my mafia class. toodles.” Unrelated, pretty sure they think I’m going to kill them. Also unrelated, I might.

Oh yeah, here is where I tell you how awesome Siena was, but frankly I was too wine drunk to remember any of it. Can’t stop me when I got my wine going. What?

These are my roommates in Florence.

This is the only one going home.

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Okay, so…

People did NOT seem happy with me copping out and just posting a video last time, so here we goooooooooo.


First off, something I did not know about Italy. They drink more wine than anyone ever has. I’m talking, instead of water. So much wine. I’m pretty sure the amount of wine i have consumed in the past few days is more than i have in my entire life.


Okay, class schedulez. I have 1 class monday and wednesay, 2 on tuesday thursday, and fridays off. So I’m totally gonna try and travel on the weekends. Like like this past week I totally went to Piza and Lucca. Pizza, you know, the one with the bent building?! I came up with this really cool pose where it looks like I’m holding up the whole building if the camera guy is far away enough. I’ll post it below. Totally awesome, cuz its me.


Oh, and the other day a lady asked me for directions in Florence. Lady legit thought I was an ITALIAN or something. Talking to me in Italian and everything. And I didn’t want her to know I didn’t know Italian or where the hell I was, so I just pointed down the street. Gosh, I hope she found where she was going.


Speaking of not knowing Italian. But by that I mean, I took a test and answered only 2 pages of it… and answered it all in English. So now I’m in this crazy hard class and the professor keeps going, “no english, please.” FML.


Aaaaand in other news, ive managed to spill on everything ive worn so far in italy. I also spilt diet coke all over my white sheets… and someone else spilled wine all over my bed too. Awk.





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Dear Anna, What’s “doing the mash-potato”?

Dear Anna, What’s “doing the mash-potato”? GLAD YOU ASKED!

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